Andrew Larcombe

Publishing Geospatial Data to the Serverless Web with GatsbyJS

Want to publish spatial data to the web? Try Serverless.

Gatsby, Drupal, inline images and friends

An approach to handling inline elements in Drupal and Gatsby

Use MVP and Iterative Delivery to win Ludum Dare!

Building a game in 48 hours? MVP and Iterative Delivery is the key.

The quickest, easiest, and most effective agile retrospective ever

Looking for a quick and easy way to run a retro - even for distributed teams?

Where are they flying to?

Flightpath analysis and maps in golang. What's not to like?

Two Behat 3.0 + Jenkins tricks

Translate your Drupal 8 site with TMGT!

Learn how to automate the translation of your site content using the Translation Management Tool.

Impact Mapping - NWDUG

The slides from my presentation on Impact Mapping - what it is, and how to use it - given at NWDUG, December 2015.

“Those guys were terrible”

tl;dr Cognitive science can help give us insight about our own limitations in understanding why others write "bad" code.

BDD - you're doing it all wrong!

Perhaps? A guide to some common pitfalls encountered when carrying out Behaviour Driven Development. Slides from my presentation to DrupalCamp Belgium, October 2014.

Effective BDD

How to employ the Page Object Pattern to create encapsulated, reusable code in your BDD framework.

Three BDD antipatterns

BDD at Drupalcon 2013

BDD as part of a 'Delivering Drupal at Scale' presentation at DrupalCon Prague

BDD in Drupal with Behat


3D Images!

Don't Let Maps Cramp Your Style

Location, Maps, Drupal and You

A New Way To Amsterdam

DrupalCamp London 2014 Summary

Making 'drush make' more robust