Effective BDD

One of my last activities whilst at Capgemini was to help push through the creation of an Engineering blog, in the mould of blogs such as the Netflix Tech blog where the engineering team can write about technical issues, but do so outside of a corporate m

Three BDD antipatterns

An antipattern is described by wikipedia 'as a pattern used in social or business operations or software engineering that may be c

BDD at Drupalcon 2013

2013's European DrupalCon took place in Prague in September and I was fortunate enough to be able to give a lightening talk on BDD as part of a 'Delivering Drupal at Scale' presentation in the Business Showcase track.


About five years ago I architected, and build one component of, an online mapping delivery service for the Ordnance Survey.

3D Images!

Many devices now allow you to create 3d photos using either 2 cameras or 2 images taken a short distance apart. Mostly these images are saved as mpo files which require special hardware (such as a Nintendo 3DS) to show them correctly. To show them

A New Way To Amsterdam

Slide deck from my presentation at the 2009 State Of The Map Conference on mapping and bicycles. I'd intended to ride from Dunkerque to Amsterdam mapping the route of the LF-1 - a long distance cycle route around the North Sea coast.

DrupalCamp London 2014 Summary

Yet again the UK Drupal community put together a fantastic Drupal event in London. After 2010’s Drupalcon London and last years’ DrupalCamp London and Frontend United, DrupalCamp London appeared bigger and better than ever with over 600 attendees, dedicated CxO and training days over three days.

Making 'drush make' more robust

As great as 'drush make' is the perils of unstable network connectivity can thwart it - a single failed download of a module due to a git server being down will result in a failed build. Likewise running 'drush make' on a less-than-stable wifi connection can lead to frustrating builds.