Andrew Larcombe

Gov Notify & Drupal - Hello Australia and Canada!

If you've ever received an email or SMS from a UK Government service then chances are it's been sent from the Gov Notify platform. Gov Notify is a great example of a platform-oriented approach to government - by using this shared platform instead of building their own notification system, delivery teams can focus their work higher up the value chain, delivering services that meet user needs.

Gov Notify itself is built on open source technologies, but is also released as open source, meaning other organisations and governments can host their own Notify platform and benefit from subsequent feature and security releases.

So, as maintainer of the Gov Notify Drupal module it was great to see that the governments of both Australia and Canada have adopted Notify to enable service teams to deliver messages to their users. Because it re-uses much of the same underlying codebase as the UK Government's Notify platform, this made adapting the Gov Notify Drupal module straightforward. Out-of-the-box the module now works with the UK, Australia and Canada's Notify platforms, enabling public sector delivery teams working with Drupal in those countries to concentrate on user-needs driven service delivery rather than API integration.

You can find the Gov Notify Drupal module at with installation and configuration docs at

Thanks go out to Jonathan Ingram (Australia's Digital Transformation Agency) and Bryan Willey (Canada Digital Service team) who provided test accounts and advice whilst integrating with their platforms.




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