Andrew Larcombe


I'm a business-focussed Tech Architect and Agile Delivery Consultant with a proven track record in delivering complex solutions for enterprise-scale private- and public-sector clients.

I believe strongly in outcome-oriented agile delivery and enthusiast for kanban, impact mapping and lean working practices.

I regularly present on topics including the process of how to deliver software more effectively, and the use of geospatial technologies in content management systems. I hold a BA in History and Archaeology and an MA in History of Ideas from the University of London. I'm an individual member of the Drupal Association and vice-chair of BCS's Location Information Specialist Group.

Career highlights include:

• EU-Exit: delivery lead on a succesful EU Exit project for a Central UK Government Agency
• International Travel: developer lead on a high traffic, complex infrastructure, international travel commerce site
• Publishing: hands-on technical delivery lead on a paper-to-digital transformation project and ecommerce paywall for an international publishing company
• Telecoms: responsible for producing one of the earliest SaaS platforms, delivering coverage maps for 3G cellphone networks
• Geospatial: technical lead and architect on a high-availability, multi-terabyte, air photography imagery delivery system for a national mapping agency